© Benas Burdulis 2009-2017

Benas Burdulis works between architecture, design, and art. His work distills ephemeral phenomena,
specifically light and color, giving them a physical presence. The resulting objects and spaces bring
people closer to nature and to their own experience of perception.

Benas grew up in sublime natural surroundings and has been exploring different ways of making
for as long as he can remember. These qualities greatly inform the aesthetic that he gravitates toward.

There is always a tension between efficient technique and subtle effect in his work, which creates a bond
between the method of making and the spatial experience. Through a cyclical process of research,
making, testing, and reflection, his work culminates in objects or spaces that allow for perceptual,
sensual, and emotional experiences.

His current practice attempts to elevate the beautiful effect of light falling onto a surface to a
transcendent state, with the goal of creating environments that are optimistic, mysterious, and
stimulating yet serene.

Burdulis was born in Vilnius, Lithuania, but grew up in Chicago and New Hampshire. He received
a bachelor's degree in design from Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands and a master's
degree in architecture from Cranbrook Academy of Art near Detroit. He has worked for MOS Architects
in New York City, at Werkplaats Vincent de Rijk in Rotterdam, Studio Tomás Saraceno in Berlin, and
has taught architecture at Lawrence Technological University near Detroit. He is represented by Volume
gallery in Chicago, and has exhibited work at galleries and museums in Europe and North America.
Most recently, he has done residencies at IKEA's SPACE10 in Copenhagen and at Autodesk's Pier 9
in San Francisco.